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Roof certifications

Posted ago by aceadmin

When selling or buying a home, the topic of the condition of the roof often becomes a topic of importance. Sometimes, a home inspector will recommend repairs or restorations to be done. Very often, a roof will be in good …

Most common leak areas on your roof

Posted ago by aceadmin

Having a leak in your roof can be more than a nuisance. Leaks are the cause of major issues such as structural damage, mold, dry rot, and interior damage, and more. Locating a leak can be really easy or really …

Repair may be your best option

Posted ago by aceadmin

It is true! Often, leaks and damaged areas of your roof can be restored. We understand that sometimes replacing and roof is not absolutely necessary and many of the problems that result on your roof have a more cost effective …

What are some signs that I need a new roof?

Posted ago by aceadmin

Sometimes it can be obvious that a roof needs to be replaced. However, under most circumstances home owners do not know that their roof may need replacement until significant damage has already been done. Here are a few things that …