Sometimes it can be obvious that a roof needs to be replaced. However, under most circumstances home owners do not know that their roof may need replacement until significant damage has already been done. Here are a few things that Ace Roofing looks for as trained roofing profession

Missing shingles or tiles – Often caused by wind or severe weather, age also plays a big role, and improper installation in some cases. When roofing felt paper is exposed (underlayment), it is always an urgent concern.

Curling – Almost always found on wood shake roofs. This occurs from shake absorbing water and then quickly drying out. Although small curls are usually aesthetic, upright curled shakes will expose the roof felt beneath the shingle and will lead to more severe issues in time.

Ceiling stains – When a leak has occurred and the water seeps from the attic to the drywall, it caused discoloration and peeping of the drywall seems.

Missing granules – It is not uncommon for granules to be loose when there is foot traffic on your roof. However, as a roof ages, significant granule depletion is a sign that your roof has been damaged, has reached its manufacturer warranty or has passed the life expectancy

Buckling – Humps on your roof that are caused by improperly installed felt paper, shifting of the roof decking, and inadequate ventilation.

Damaged flashing – Flashing metal used where a roof meets a wall or chimney.Iif this flashing is damaged in any way, it is almost certain to cause a leak.

Blistering – When a roof is not adequately ventilated, moisture can become trapped in the shingle causing it to bubble and swell making the shingle defective.

Rotting РShingles (mostly organic) that absorb moisture and rapidly deteriorate. This is also an issue with the roof decking when moisture is trapped between  the roof system and the decking. This kind of dry rot results in the lack of ability to bear weight.




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